Relax and Eat Well: A Healthy and Delicious Spa Lunch

  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
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    Our very own Billie Pelts hosted a gorgeous luncheon in her home recently as a fundraiser for the Bornblum Jewish Community School. This gorgeous orchid display set the tone for a relaxing and healthy lunch.

    spa luncheon spa luncheon

    The guests were treated to water aerobics with Kate Basar from the Jewish Community Center and some incredible treats by aesthetician Bonnie Belz including mini massages, which was all followed by a refreshing spa-themed lunch. Our parfait bar and salad bar were incredibly fresh and the toast bar was a huge hit. 

    The Toast Bar

    toast bar

    Guests were offered a choice of Whole Wheat Baguette or Multigrain toast to top with their favorites: avocados, cacao nibs, sea salt, blackberry jam, raspberry jam, almond butter, honey, bananas, fig jam and apple jam. 

    toasted baguette sliced avocados cacao nibs

    The Yogurt Parfait Bar

    parfait bar

    At our Parfait Bar, guests chose between Fage Plain Greek Yogurt or Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt to mix with their choice of dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried bananas, raisins, pecans, almonds, walnuts or all natural granola. 

    parfait bar parfait bar

    The Salad Bar

    salad bar salad bar

    The main course of our spa lunch included two delicious entree salads. Our Nicoise Salad is a classic salad with new potatoes, haricot verts, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and grilled ahi tuna in a basil dijon dressing.

    Nicoise salad Nicoise salad

    Our Blush Market Salad boasted a wonderful blend of roasted Brussels sprouts, green and white asparagus, charred cauliflower, petite spring greens, micro flowers, shaved radishes, feta cheese and grilled chicken in a honey Worcestershire dressing.

    Blush Market Salad

    Our Mixed Fresh Fruit Salad added a sweet and simple alternative at our salad bar. 

    fresh fruit salad

    Desserts and Drinks

    drink station meringues and berries

    Our beverages provided a spring time refreshment. Guests chose between Cucumber Infused Water, Strawberry Mint Infused Water and Fresh Fruit Tea. For dessert, we served Meringue Cups with fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and whipped cream. 

    cucumber infused water strawberry mint infused water fresh fruit tea mini meringue cups berries and cream

    It was a gorgeous late spring lunch and a wonderful cause. 

    Photos courtesy of Creation Studios

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