Unique Dinner Party Ideas for Valentine's Day

  • Monday, February 12, 2018
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    Beth Thorne

    Tired of going out and fighting the crowds on Valentine's Night? Maybe you've looked around town and your favorite eateries are booked solid with reservations. Why not host a dinner party for three or four of your favorite couples instead? 

    You can put together a last minute, easy, and impressive Valentine's menu in just a few short steps. 

    Simply Decor

    Grab a small bouquet of red tulips or roses at your favorite local florist and separate them into small vases. 

    Tulip centerpiece

    You don't have to be extravagant, just make simplicity your goal for the evening. 

    Buy a simple, sweet spool of red and white twine and adorn anything from your cupcakes to place cards, napkins, placemats or serving pieces with a delicate and simple bow. 

    Red String Cupcakes

    Simply Drink

    You don't have to make a specialty drink to make your Valentine's Day Dinner party a sweet one. A delicious and robust red wine will do the trick, but if you want to look like you went the extra mile, take a tip from us and serve prosecco with raspberries. Light, effervescent and tinged with the color of the occasion, you can't go wrong with this chilled favorite. 

    Prosecco with raspberries

    Another favorite for Valentine's is a simple whiskey or amaretto sour. Traditionally served with maraschino cherries, this drink will also make your table look extra festive. 

    Whiskey sour with cherries

    PROTIP: Don't miss the opportunity to decorate with your food! It's the professional caterer's best weapon. Grab a slightly larger jar of cherries than you need and fill up a martini glass or snifter with the unused ones. Instant decor that doubles as a snack!

    Cherries in a martini glass

    Simply Dessert

    For an impromptu Valentine's dinner party, you don't have to master complicated pastry techniques to get in the hearts and flowers spirit. Keep your dessert menu simple and small, just add the tiny touches and pop of red. Think of each dessert as topped with a kiss! 

    These tiny chocolate mousses are perfect for February with a raspberry on top. You can do this with store-bought brownies bites or even chocolate pretzels. 

    Raspberry topped chocolate mousse

    Use a cake decorating pen to sketch a tiny heart on store bought chocolcate covered macarons or dipped cookies. Serve on a festive platter or simple holiday paper napkins on a regular plate. Instant festivity. 

    Chocolate macarons  

    Maybe you have a great dessert in mind, but you aren't sure it will be right if you tried to spruce it up with red fruit or candy. Try serving it on a platter or plate that's only decorated with a hint of strawberry. 

    Mini Salted Caramel Pecan Fudge Tartlet

    And of course, you can always serve a bowl or glass container full of red candies. Mix and match your favorite types for an interesting twist. 

    Red candies

    Simply Delicious

    But what do I serve to eat? Again, keep it simple. Our favorites are pasta, lasagna or a chicken penne alfredo. Serve with salad and bread for a simple dinner that reminds your guests of those first dates and favorite meals. 




    There you go! If you can't tell, we recommend letting the natural colors of the food you choose dictate your decor for this easy dinner party. RED always works for Valentine's Day and is a little easier to manage than pink. So think cherry tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and more to round our your festive soiree! Have a great time! 



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