We understand the dreams and emotions that each couple puts into their wedding, and we consider it as an honor to play a part in such a momentous day.

Naturally, Simply Delicious loves weddings – after all, who doesn’t?

But, our affinity for nuptials goes beyond love: We truly get weddings. We understand all of the emotion that’s part of the Big Day, as well as all of the hours of planning, budgeting, dreaming and Pinterest-ing that you’ve put in.  When you entrust Simply Delicious with your wedding catering, you get a team of creative, detail-oriented and seasoned professionals dedicated to making your dreams a reality. 

  • Inventive Menus

    We’ll draw inspiration from your style, taste and ideas to create a culinary experience that your guests will remember for years to come.  Whether your taste is classic, eclectic, ethnic, decadent or anything in between, our Executive Chef will conjure a selection of dishes that is nothing short of inspired. The taste will speak for itself, but we’ll shout from the rooftops over the fact that virtually all of our offerings are organic, locally-sourced, and made in-house.

  • Exquisite Presentation

    We believe delicious food is only the beginning -- we’re all about the details!

    Creating a beautifully appointed meal is our forté, from artfully-arranged plated meals to elegantly-accessorized buffets. We collaborate with your florist and other vendors to design tablescapes that perfectly match your color story and theme, whether it’s sourcing custom-made linens or finding just the right candles to accent your place setting. Best of all, we set the trends rather than follow them, ensuring that your wedding is anything but cookie-cutter. Among our most unique flourishes are:

    • Custom Food Signage
    • Ladder-Style Food Displays
    • Custom Water Bottles and Accessories
  • Impeccable Service

    Our wait staff sets the standard for service, and we regularly receive accolades for their unerring service and friendly, caring demeanor.  Each of our service professionals has extensive fine-dining experience and a keen eye for anticipating your guests’ needs to ensure a seamless event from start to finish.

  • Simply Delicious Service Styles

    Creating your reception menu is just the beginning. Bridal couples have more choices than ever before when it comes to the type of dining experience to offer their guests, from ultra-formal seated meals to lively, interactive food stations and casual cocktail parties. Let Simply Delicious help you decide which style of service suits you best!

  • Cocktail Receptions

    Are a popular celebration option for informal yet intimate weddings, and feature beautiful assortments of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized desserts as perfect accompaniments to your wedding cake and the cocktail selections.

  • Traditional Buffets

    Can vary in scope and size and consist of a presentation of the hot main dishes, vegetables and side dishes, along with at least one type of salad and other cold offerings such as fresh fruit and cheese assortments.

  • Performance Stations

    Also called chef-attended performance food stations, are one of today’s top food trends, especially featuring international flavor. What could be better than great food with built-in entertainment? Your wedding guests will be excited to choose their favorite cuisine and watch it prepared from the freshest ingredients.

  • Chef Carts

    Are an innovative, crowd-pleasing trend that can accommodate a variety of tastes, styles and cuisines. These rolling carts enthrall guests with choices from guacamole carts and sushi to street food favorites and Simply Delicious specialties like gourmet seasoned french fries.

  • Family Style Service

    Is a casually festive yet still elegant option to the traditional buffet and makes for a conversation-friendly, intimate ambiance for your reception. Guests serve themselves from platters and dishes of your menu selections, which our servers have placed at each table.

  • Small Plate Concepts

    Follow the trend of the small plate, or tapas, menus. Most of our full-portion dishes can be scaled down to small plate service. Small plate dishes and taster shooters allow guests to partake in a sampling of menu items rather than one type of cuisine. Small plate meals may be served by chef carts, at food stations, or as seated courses.

  • Seated Meal with Entrée Choice

    Is the traditional, sit-down meal service, which requires each guest to pre-select their entrée from choices you provide, typically including at least one meat selection and a fish or vegetarian selection. This type of meal service requires table and seating assignments for your guests.

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